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Careful maintenance of faucets
Improper maintenance after selecting a faucet can affect its service life, which is a headache for many people. The frequency of using a faucet is high, and it is necessary to use it every day. In such a high frequency of use, how can we maintain the faucet and increase its service life? In fact, this is not a difficult task. Below, we will teach you that as long as the install......
What are the precautions for purchasing a faucet in the kitchen?
The faucet, as a small item in the kitchen, plays a crucial role. For example, the cleaning of food before cooking, the cleaning of pots, bowls, spoons after meals, and the help of a faucet are all indispensable for washing and brushing. When choosing a faucet, many people are too casual, which may bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily life in the future. 1、 Durable The......
Consumer Voice: We want such sanitary products
The formation of the market depends on the relationship between the buyer and the seller. In exchange for goods of equal value and use value, the seller gets the value, that is, money. The seller gets the use value, that is, the product. In this exchange activity of mutual benefit and win-win results, a market has been formed. The same is true of the bathroom market. If dealers......
Bathroom design style presents a global trend
Nowadays, when designing bathroom products, designers have to consider a variety of factors, such as what kind of home style is popular recently, what type of bathroom products foreign consumers prefer, how to integrate the choice of materials and styles, etc. with the strengthening of globalization, the bathroom design style also presents a trend of globalization. The global d......
Analysis on main marketing channels of sanitary ware industry
In recent years, the sanitary ware market is highly competitive. In addition to the advantages of the product itself and technology, marketing is also very important. At present, the main marketing channels of the sanitary ware industry are still innovative. Therefore, enterprises need to explore channels to find new breakthroughs and promote the development of the sanitary war......
Four characteristics of new sanitary ware
With the continuous development and breakthrough of the sanitary ware market and the continuous emergence of new sanitary ware products, after nearly 20 years of hard work and solid and rapid development in the international market, China's building and sanitary ceramics industry has finally stepped on the world stage and been impressed by its peers. At present, China has b......
How should basin faucet be cleaned and maintained?
As the name suggests, the basin faucet is a special faucet used with the basin. It is a household product that must be used every day. Since the water used may contain a variety of impurities, it is inevitable that some stains or congestion will appear inside the basin faucet after long-term use. Therefore, in order to better avoid such phenomena, it is necessary to clean and m......
How is the performance of the bathroom industry in recent years?
As the brand attribute, product connotation and added value, after-sales service of sanitary ware are considered to be quite close to home appliance industry, so they are often compared with household appliance industry. In recent years, the bathroom industry has begun to absorb more and more advanced marketing concepts and practices from other industries, such as household app......
Analysis on the development trend of bathroom industry
1. Furniture of bathroom products Before the bathroom products have always been function oriented but relatively boring in modeling and style. Now, in order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers begin to design and develop new bathroom products with aesthetics, which can play the role of room decoration, to be launched to the market, including multifunctional toilets, d......
Maintenance skills of faucet
How to maintain the faucet 1. Experienced and qualified professionals should be invited to carry out construction and installation. When installing, the faucet should not collide with hard objects, and cement and glue should not be left on the surface, so as to avoid damaging the luster of the surface coating. Pay attention to remove the debris in the pipe and install the fauce......